7 Week Summer Core and Speed Camp

2017 Chandler Summer Camps

 7 Week Strength of America Summer Strength/Core and Speed Camps


I have accepted the Strength and Speed Coach Position at Lincoln Prep in Chandler.  With doing so, I will not be able to offer a Summer Speed Camp in Mesa this year.  I do appreciate your ongoing support and if you can join us in Chandler would be awesome, if not I understand and I am still here for any questions, training advice or team clinics.  Check out our links for both Chandler camps (Select the Name of the location below to get more info on Camp Times);

Lincoln Prep (Bob) (San Tan Freeway anf Gilbert Rd)

Chandler Prep (Bobby) (Alma School and Warner)

This camp is a must for any athlete!

  1. Each athlete will be pre and post tested on Vertical Jump, weight, waist, 10, 20 and 40 yard speed times, as well as the Pro Agility and Broad Jump.
  2. We then will show them how to improve all these skills in a powerful camp!!
  3. Each athlete will work on body control and Multi Directional speed.
  4. Balance and where to focus the eyes are a key part of this camp.
  5. Each day is specific speed, agility and power work.
  6. Weight Training for Explosive Power and Strength Specific to their Sport!
  7. Each Athlete will fill out a 2 day Energy Chart so they learn exactly what they are putting into their bodies. This is a major part of this camp if they truly want to excel in athletics! Education on hydration and eating properly to prepare for the season done daily at camp!
  8. Camp taught by Bob Davis-Red Mtn High Strength and Speed Coach and Strength of America staff! Leading the Arizona in youth sports training since 1989.

7 week, 4 Days each Week — Speed and Core (incoming 4th grade and up)

Highlights From Summer Camp Last Year


My son and daughter have been through both the weekly classes and the camp offered by Strength of America. Bob Davis is very knowledgeable and has been great at getting our children to push themselves in the drills and exercises they are asked to perform. He has them wanting to go to class instead of us feeling like we are making them go. We saw increases in speed, as well as, improvement in overall fitness. Bob helps the kids understand that not only is it important to workout with proper form to increase speed and prevent injury, but he also explains to them what they put into their bodies matters as well. He explains what their bodies need for both fuel and to help with muscle recovery and growth. We drive a long way to get our kids to Bob’s classes, but it is definitely worth the time.

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