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I am very excited to be a part of the Lincoln Prep Family.  We will be kicking off our Strength and Speed program in Sept 2018.  I will be running a two day a week In Season program, this will be run prior to practice 3:20-3:45 2 days each week.  Check with your coaches to confirm days.  please download the SOA LP Lightning Fuel Chart and have your athlete fill it out and get it to me the first week, I will then be able to make notes and get it back to them on week 2.

Fall In Season Strength and Speed Training as of Sept 2018
2 Days a week from 3:25-3:45pm
Check with Fall Coaches for your team
For all athletes that are not in a Fall Sport, I will have our Off Season program to build Strength, Power and Speed, starting September 10th 2018.  Both programs will be for boys and girls, 5th grade on up.
Off Season  Speed: Mon and Thursday 4:00-4:55pm (5th grade up)
Off Season Strength: Monday and Thursdays 3:25-4:00pm then Speed 4:00-4:55pm (7th grade up)

I will be at the Fall Parent night Wednesday July 25th in the gymnasium.  I will be meeting with teams in August to get specific In season times and days set for them.  Once you sign up below I will email you with regular information regarding Drills, Training, Nutrition, injury Prevention and much more info to keep you in the loop.  I also encourage parents to reach out to me with any questions they might have.  Reaching my 33rd year of training athletes I have found it is much easier to talk early before any misunderstanding build up.

What to expect in our off season training:

Day one will be orientation helping the student athlete understand what program is about and what is expected of them.

Next we will be testing Speed, Power and Agility

It is essential they learn how to eat for energy and recovery.  We also will talk daily about food, hydration and sleep.  Those three are essential for top performance and recovery.

Phase one of the weight room is finished and we started the training over the summer for the strength program.  Weight is relative, strength training is the use of weights, (some cases just the bar) to add resistance for reps of generally 10-15 reps.  As they progress they will work into heavier lifts but never lower than 5 reps on any lift.  Technique is a must and no exception to that rule.  Most will start with bar only, they must perfect each movement with the bar before I will add weight.  This will not be a powerlifting program.  Power lifts can be beneficial but my main focus is to build a strong balanced body to handle the stress of sport.

Cost of the year round program; which includes both in season and off season for all 5th grade on up boys and girls thru April 2019, is $100 individual and if you have 2 or more athletes in the same family the family cost is $175 for all of them combined.  Be sure to enter their information; Name(s), age(s) and Sport(s) in the box below then click Add to Cart.

2018/19 LP Strength and Speed 5th-11th grade Training
Name(s), Age(s), Sport(s)


Watch a short video of some of the work from our 2017 Summer Camp at Lincoln Prep.


More to follow, be sure to check this page weekly for updates.

Thank you very much, I am anxious to meet with each of you throughout the year!  #LightningStrength

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Bob Davis
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Red Mtn High Strength and Speed Coach 2012-15
Az NSCA Board Member 2012-14
Nebraska Strength and Speed Coach 1985-89
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