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Week 1 of the 30 Day Football Speed Program

Week 1 Day 1 (Basic Movement patterns to perfect)

These drills from Day 1 are the base warm ups for each speed workout afterward in program.

Sets and Reps Click => 30 day football Speed Week 1

Heel Walks 2 sets 10-15yds

Heel Toe Walks 2 sets 10-15yds

High Knees 2 sets 10-15yds

Butt Kickers 2 sets 10-15yds

Shuffle Drills 2 sets 10-15yds

Shuffle Change of Direction Drill 2 sets 10-15yds

Grapevine 2 sets 10-15yds

Modified Frankenstein 2 sets 10-15yds

Form Sprints 4 sets 10-15yds

Ankle Flips (Toe Punches) 2 sets 10-15yds

Week 1 Day 2

Fall Into Sprints

Snap Down with Pause

Snap Down with Pause then Explode

Snap Down Series Reactive

Sprint Starts

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