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6 Day Summer Conditioning Camp for Football and Soccer

2016 6 Day Conditioning Camp Mesa 3


  • How to Eat and Hydrate Like an Athlete
  • How to Change Direction with Explosive Speed
  • How to Avoid the crucial mistakes that actually reduce speed
  • How to help Prevent Knee injuries
  • Show up at your first day of fall practice READY!!
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to give your Athlete the Very Best in Sports Conditioning!!

    Location: Sunshine Acres in Mesa, 3405 N Higley Rd, Mesa, Az 85215
    Days: Friday and Saturdays, July 8th-6:30-8pm, 9th-7-8:30am, 15th-6:30-8pm, 16th-7-8:30am, 22-6-8pm and 23rd-6:30-8:30am.
    Ages: Boys and Girls ages 6-17
    Cost: $80 per athlete, Family Rates available

    Friday and Saturdays July 8, 9, 15, 16, 22 and 23rd, 2016

    Single Athlete or family 6 day Mesa with SHIRT

    Coach Davis has worked with both my son and my players over the last couple of seasons and I have seen them develop from long limbed awkward moving kids into confident striding athletes , it is with great pleasure I recommend the Strength of America program to athletes at all levels.

    Coach Erik Ness

    My son Evan is excited to learn and I know that the coaches make the environment fun and encouraging.
    the Speed days are so full of teaching and instruction coach corrects and reconnects. They pays such great attention to form.
    I love the instruction and addition of stretching in the circuits. Teaching them now how to incorporate the foam roller to learn at this young age is great, active recovery. Prevention of injury at this early age is so important. We are thrilled with the progress we have seen and will continue to support our kids with Strength of America camps!

    Suzy Burleson

    My son Tristan has participated in numerous Strength of America Camps. I believe without a doubt, each camp has improved Tristan’s skills immensely. Bob has shown Tristan proper techniques and correct process which has improved his overall Speed, Power and Agility. I have seen his Speed increase because of Bob and the Camps. The proof is in the numbers as Tristan’s beginning assessments continually improve with the overall successful training! Bob’s instruction and leadership is phenomenal.
    I will continue to invest in the Strength of America Camps to further the success of Tristan to benefit his goals for football and his overall fitness.
    – Amy Sexton

    2016 6 Day Conditioning Camp Mesa 2

    I have seen Colton (10) able to stretch more and a lot more flexibility than he has ever had before. he enjoys coming to camp and learning new strength and conditioning exercises which is excited to share with me. He likes the positive influence from the coaches and overall coaching style in general. Colton lies it when he sees himself improve o any skill or exercise taught during camp. The coaching staff is very active in their kids activities throughout the year. I look forward to seeing Colton improve every year from the Strength of America Camps.
    – Bryan Teague

    I have seen a great improvement in my sons strength and speed. Jazz has had the motivation now to eat right. This camp has been very beneficial to our son. I am sure it is going to help him in his football and basketball skills. Thank you of your knowledge you have given my son.
    – Mia Green
    I think that your staff does a great job with the children. Im so glad that i had a chance to come here. Shaun has shown so much improvement since he first started and I owe it all to your staff. Thanks!
    P.S. We will be back, I promise.
    – Shawn Richards
    2016 6 Day Conditioning Camp Mesa
    The SOA program has helped both of my boys with strength and agility. I truly believe in the program. I will be using the information I have learned in my football and basketball programs. I recommend it to all youth coaches, no matter the sport!
    – Oscar Alexander

    Christian has been a tackle football player for 4 years. I have noticed that when he is involved in SOA his athletic abilities are enhanced on the field. He runs faster and for more yards. He is stronger and more self confident. I believe his experience with SOA enables Christian to have an edge over the other players and reached him how to improve and maximize the skills that he is learning on the football field. We are very pleased with his progress and will continue to keep him enrolled.
    – Kristina Cormier

    Bob, I wanted to thank you and Sandy for all the quality training you provided Bobby with this summer. We are in our 4th week of football practice and as a result of your training Bobby has increased his passing distance by 15-20 yards!
    We practice as a club and do all of our drills with all three teams. Mighty Might (7-8), Junior Pee Wee (9-10) and the Pee Wee (11-13). Bobby is in the 9-10 tea,. We had a race with all teams and Bobby blew away everyone in the 40 yard sprint last week! We appreciate all you ave done for Bobby.
    – Rob Manning