About Strength Of America

Bob and Sandy Davis designed Strength of America for children ages 9-17 in 1989. The program is designed to help build strength, agility, speed and self esteem to cut down on the risk of injury and make sports more fun. Bob is the former student assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Nebraska. “..I had 4 knee and 3 shoulder surgeries by the age of 20, I wasn’t going to let that happen to other kids. That is why I started Strength of America, Inc. to keep kids safe.” Bob Davis Our young athletes are tested to find areas they may be prone to injury, because of a lack of strength or flexibility. We create that balance then progress the program to develop speed, power and agility for their sport. We also provide coaches clinics around Arizona to help our youth coaches get up to date information on injury prevention, proper nutrition and how to increase performance!


I have seen a great improvement in my sons strength and speed. Jazz has had the motivation now to eat right. This camp has been very beneficial to our son. I am sure it is going to help him in his football and basketball skills. Thank you of your knowledge you have given my son.

Mia Green

Bob Davis
Strength of America Founder since 1989
Red Mountain High Strength and Speed Coach 2012-15
Arizona State Board Member for the National Strength and Conditioning Association 2012-14
Former Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Nebraska 1985-1989


We were very fortunate to have a friend recommend Strength of America to us. Bob and Sandy Davis and the rest of their team have made sigificant impacts on our kids lives. It started with our son, they helped him on his form and body position which helped improve his times and heights in the agility tests. They emphasize correct form for all their excercises and lifting; this produces maximum sustainable performance and injury protection. We were so impressed with the results we started sending our daughter to them for training. Their work help improve her club gymnastics performance and continues to pay dividends in her basketball and track. They helped correct bad form in both our kids running which created a solid foundation to build strength and performance on.

Strength of America is a positive influence in many on kids in other ways as well. They motivate with positive reinforcement, teach them to lead by example and help younger or inexperienced students and teach nutrition and good decision making. As parents we tell our kids to eat better, but our kids listen to coaches more. For example our son has not had caffiene since Bob talked to him about it over 5 years ago.

After our son’s knee surgery he was released by the physical therapist. Based on my experience I did not feel he was fully recovered and he still had pain so we sent him to Strength of America. Bob measured range of motion, muscle mass and strength and determined he was not ready to be released. After only two weeks his range of motion was back, most of the muscle was recovered and the pain was gone. It has been two years of high school athletics and no knee problems since! I am confident we could not be saying that if we would have returned him to practice and competition without Strength of America.

Strength of America has helped our booster club raise funds by hosting camps at our campus. We opened the camps to the public for all age kids and had off season coaches send their athletes as well. This was a win-win for coaches, kids and our booster club.

Invest some of your kids time in Strength of America, the dividends will continue to pay for years. We fully support them as parents, boosters and coach.

Greg and Liz Land