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2020 Mike Thompson OUTSTANDING Football Speed Camp


Every spring Strength of America hosts a free Football Speed Camp to help local kids learn more about training smart and eating correctly for increased energy and quicker recovery.  Two years ago a very good friend of ours Coach Mike Thompson, suddenly passed away.  He had coached in the valley for over 27 years and helped not only prepare kids for football and soccer, but helped the kids learn to give back to the community through local organizations and being a part of something bigger than themselves.
We wanted to take our annual camp and with Mikes families permission, honor Mike. We are renaming it the “Mike Thompson OUTSTANDING Football Speed Camp”
Because of all the years of dedication to young athletes of all levels and to take it up a notch, we are including organizations such as Feed My Starving Children to help show these young athletes that giving back to the community will help them grow into better people, like Mike Thompson.
Our camp has always been geared to help reduce the risk of injury, increase performance and learn how to eat for increased energy and quicker recovery, but we want it to be so much more for these kids. Adding the component of giving back and being a part of the community with local organizations, would help these kids become more than just athletes, they would be, “Like Mike”!
Thank you so much for considering to be a part of this camp as I know it will be not only a great physical help to your athlete but hopefully a way to help inspire your child to do more for the community they live.  
The camp, which is an annual event, will be this April 25th 10:00-Noon at Chandler Prep, Alma School and Warner, 1951 N Alma School, Chandler.

We look forward to having a great experience for your athlete and helping to create more like Coach Mike Thompson!

Bob Davis
Strength of America Founder since 1989
NSCA Az Board Member 2012-14
Red Mtn Strength and Speed Coach 2012-15
University of Nebraska Strength and Speed Coach 1985-89 480-219-0868

“In 27 seasons as a youth sports coach, I have come across no other program that benefits young athletes more than Strength of America” 

– Coach Mike Thompson

Check out these Outstanding Organizations that will be at the Mike Thompson “Outstanding” Football Speed Camp.  Be sure to visit their website and stop by their tables at the Camp to learn more about how you can get involved and help your community Like Coach Mike!!  


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Please print and bring to camp 2020 Mike Thompson Outstanding Football Speed Camp.


thank you, we look forward to giving you our very BEST!

Bob and Bobby Davis

Strength of America Strength and Speed Coaches