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The Strength of America Experience

Clinic is hosted at your school or field

3 hour Clinic will teach:

    1. Increase Foot Speed
    2. Increase Agility
    3. Increase Explosiveness
    4. Stretching, Is it necessary
    5. Quicker Reaction Time
    6. Hydration and water vs Sports Drinks
    7. Dangers of Caffeine
    8. Workouts more efficient
    9. Protein-How much is enough
    10. How to Spot potential Knee Injuries



    “Strength of America’s clinics and camps are an excellent outside source for any coach who is looking to give his team one extra leg up on the competition. In 27 seasons as a youth sports Coach, I have come across no other program that benefits the youth athlete more than Strength of America. As an administrator of a large east valley sports program, I have experienced no other organization who is willing and capable of providing high quality outside training.”

    Coach Mike Thompson

    Sample Schedule of Performance Clinic



          1. More Efficient Warm ups/Speed Training
          2. How to Spot Potential Knee Injuries

    Hands On MultiDirectional Speed and Power

    11:00-11:45 Lunch Provided and Question Answer time with Bob Davis- Founder of Strength of America

    Athletes Performance Camp
    Athletes 9-17
    Watch and help us on the field as we give your athletes the cues you learned with our “More Efficient Warm ups”, The Drills you learned at the Clinic as well as much more. You are welcome to video and take notes but don’t miss this opportunity!


    “I’m writing this letter as a way of introduction for Bob Davis, Bob worked for me at the University of Nebraska as Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach before moving to Phoenix. Bob is a great strength coach that offers a variety of services for Arizona coaches as to proper mechanics of Increased Performance training as well as Injury Prevention. His talks include; ACL Injury Prevention, Baseball Pre-hab, Making your Warm ups More Efficient as well as Increased Performance with Multi-Directional Speed.
    Please Feel Free to contact me at any time if you would like to discuss Bob’s potential to help your athletes.”

    Boyd Epley
    Assistant Athletic Director and Head Baseball Strength Coach
    Husker Power Strength and Conditioning
    University of Nebraska
    One Memorial Stadium
    Lincoln, Ne 68588-0210

    Email us now to set up your coaches clinic for your team or league! Email:

    Cost is $50 per coach unless that coach has at least 5 athletes sign up for the Athletes performance camp that afternoon ($20 per athlete). As a bonus you and the athletes, will receive the Strength of America’s Eat Like an Athlete Guidelines and the Strength of America Fuel Chart.

    Contact us now to set up a date for your School or league.

    Bob Davis
    Strength of America Founder since 1989


    “It is my honor to recommend Bob Davis for any position/partnership or venture that he seeks out that involves strength and conditioning of athlete. Bob has a wealth of knowledge and background that cannot be matched. His ability to work with athletes ad have them reach their physical potential is remarkable. Since I have met Bob 7 years ago, he made himself open to athletes, coaches and athletic directors to bring them together for the better good of their athletic program. Arizona is a blessed state to have someone of Bob’s caliber in the strength and conditioning industry. His heart is truly for the athletes and this is visible in his work and tireless efforts.
    I have worked with Bob on many projects with the NSCA (board member, speaker) and on our own (private clinics). He is someone I will always continue to work with as we share the same vision. Bob is a great person and I would highly recommend him.”

    Eric Reed CSCS*D, RSCC


    “Please accept this letter of recommendation for Mr Bob Davis. I have worked with Bob off and on for the last 8 years through our state PE association.
    He has a wealth of knowledge about strength and conditioning as well as injury prevention. His hands on clinics are always full as he helps to educate more coaches and teachers around Arizona as to proper mechanics of Increased Performance training as well as Injury Prevention. His passion for protecting more athletes as well as helping coaches update training programs shows through his presentations and workshops.
    Bob’s [positive demeanor, arm smile and friendly comments for everyone he encounters makes him an asset to any organization. His ability to quickly develop a positive rapport and relationship with any age participant along with his knowledge of training and injury prevention is definitely a benefit.”

    Leslie DeRuiter
    PE Specialist
    Past-President AZHPE
    ABL Master Trainer


    “I have know Bob as a professional and friend for over 15 years. His knowledge, teaching ability and integrity as a role model and instructor are of the utmost caliber.
    Bob has presented at the Arizona State Health and Physical Education annual convention and workshops on many topics ranging from current health practices in strength and conditioning the young athlete to practical ways for teachers and coaches to use proper bio-mechanics in exercise ad movement.
    Bob Davis is a highly regarded professional that not only leads by example but believes quite passionately in the needs for injury prevention in sports ad athletics. His training programs, summer institutes and clinics provide effective, hands-on techniques for the coach and athlete. Bob also believes in training the “whole” child with a combination of safe strength moves and conditioning, speed and agility work, proper nutrition and adequate sleep.
    I would highly recommend Bob Davis as a knowledgeable, dedicated teacher and coach in the areas of strength and conditioning for students, athletes, teachers and coaches.”

    Healthy Regards,
    Kathy Dean, MS
    Health and Wellness Specialists
    ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
    Active Learning Specialist
    Arizona Health & PE Past President 2009-2010
    Summit School of Ahwatukee
    Phoenix, Az


    “As a teacher and a coach, Bob has been valuable to me in taking care of and supporting our programs through his hard work ad dedication. Bob is a true visionary who uses information from data collected from pre and post test scores in speed and weight room performance to post test scores to assist in making sure all athletes are successful in all aspects of their training regimen. The programs and relationships have assisted both athletes and coaches in becoming successful.
    Bob utilizes the latest in techniques and technology to assist our athletes in becoming the best they can be in their performance on the field. He has played an active role in the success we have experienced here at Red Mountain High School.
    It is without hesitation, I recommend Bob for anything he chooses to pursue.”

    Rich Hamilton
    Red Mtn High School
    Head Softball Coach
    2006,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014 State Champions