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Upcoming Special Event

FREE Football Coaches Clinic!

3405 N Higley Rd. Mesa, AZ. 85215 – Bowers Hall
April 19th 6-8pm

SOA Football Coaches Clinic
Hosted at Sunshine Acres
Sponsored by Rockin Refuel
Hands on Clinic for Coaches

1. How to spot potential knee injuries
2. Learn drills to increase multidirectional speed and which to avoid
3. Learn how to Increase Explosive Power
4. Is a Drop Step effective


• Sports Nutrition and Hydration
• Multi Directional Speed
• Learn drills to help prevent knee injuries
• increase Vertical and Lateral Power
• Create Reactive POWER when changing direction!
• Don’t miss this opportunity to give your athlete the tools to succeed!
Must Email us at with your name, team and league to reserve spot also topics you would like covered.
Join the SOA Team on our website, and we will send you three reports; Protein Myths and Facts, How to Eat and Hydrate Like an Athlete; Top 3 Drills to Increase Vertical Jump!