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Here are the Top 5 Drills to Increase Performance Instantly

By changing your technique and paying attention to the little things are what will help you get your game to the next level.  You don’t have to be the fastest one, but you do have to make every move count!

1. First Quick Step

Having a first quick step is one of the most important things you can do to help even the playing field with someone that might be faster than you.  But having a quick step doesn’t mean much if it isn’t powerful as well.  You must generate power with that first step.  Be sure to follow the link below to look at the video.

2. First 5 yards – Body Lean

Once you have the powerful quick first step, the body lean to help generate momentum to create or get through a hole can mean all the difference between making a big play and getting creamed.  If head an chest drop you will easily get knocked off you direction, if the body stand too tall too quickly you lose momentum and will not generate more speed and most likely get knocked backward as well.  Be sure to follow the link below to see the video.

3. Lazy Leg – Are you creating power as you change direction or have “Lazy leg”

As you move down field or court, a sharp explosive cut can make all the difference in a play.  The head fake and stutter step weaken your stride and momentum.  By simply dropping the hips to get traction and immediately pushing the ground away to create power will generate more power and momentum into the new direction and make the opponent look like they are standing still.  As you watch the video you will see that the eyes and hips must be facing the target when you make this kind of a move or you will be thrown off course.  A weak contact with the ground as you change direction(Lazy Leg) will cause a weak transition and you will easily be knocked down or pushed aside.  Be sure to follow the link below to see the video.

4. Vertical Jump (Create Power, Don’t Jump)

Everyone wants a huge vertical jump, but where most athletes never reach there potential, is they simply jump and don’t create power when they leave the ground.  We all saw Hulk in the Avengers.  When the Hulk left the ground and had huge leaps, I ask the kids what does the ground look like when he leaves it?  They all say it was smashed.  It was smashed because he creates power and pushes the ground away when he leaps.  Most kids barely bend the grass, they simply reach toward the target and forget to use the large muscles of the butt and thighs.  Rolling the knees forward takes away from the Glutes and put more pressure on the knees.  We teach the Strength of America to Create Power not just jump.  When you see these two videos, it will show why it is so important and what the difference it truly is

5. Easiest Homework in the World

To help reduce the risk of injury, especially in one of the most common muscles is sit against the wall.  The hamstring is one of the easiest things to increase range of motion on, but one of the least flexible.  Stretching is boring, not exciting like lifting weights or increasing speed.  Simply doing this stretch daily the way I show in the following video is guaranteed to get the results they need in just a few weeks.

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Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals!  Remember “It is Important to Work Hard, But More Important to Work Smart”

Bob Davis

Strength of America Founder since 1989

University of Nebraska Strength and Speed Coach from 1985-89 under Boyd Epley